Early China Special Monograph Series No. 6


Japanese Scholarship on Early China, 1987-1991: Summaries from Shigaku zasshi

Edited by Lothar von Falkenhausen


The journal Early China regularly publishes translations of the annual summaries of Japanese scholarship on early China from the journal Shigaku zasshi 史學雜誌 except for the years 1987-1991. Japanese Scholarship on Early China, 1987-1991 presents translations of eleven summaries of Japanese scholarship on early China from Shigaku zasshi for those years. With this translation, there is now a complete record in English of Japanese scholarly publication on early China since 1975. The monograph was undertaken by the Society for the Study of Early China to ensure that Western scholars of early China may benefit from more intimate knowledge of the work of their Japanese colleagues. Given the range of subjects covered in the summaries — including archaeology, art history, epigraphy, linguistics, philology, ethnography, biography, politics, economic history, historical geography, history of science, philosophy, and religion — the monograph is itself a rich mine of information and a valuable source of bibliographic references. In addition, readers will find the monograph (along with the summaries published in Early China) an indispensable guide to current trends in Japanese scholarship on early China — to the theoretical issues, research methods, analytic terminology, and scholarly groupings. The utility of the monograph is enhanced by an author index (including corrections of names that were mistranscribed in Early China) and a subject index.


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