Early China Special Monograph Series


No. 1: A Concordance of the Xiaotun Nandi Oracle-Bone Inscriptions, by Cai Fangpei, Edward L. Shaughnessy, and James F. Shaughnessy Jr. No longer available.


No. 2: Early Chinese Texts: A Bibliographical Guide, edited by Michael Loewe


No. 3: New Sources of Early Chinese History, edited by Edward L. Shaughnessy. No longer available.


No. 4: Chinese Writing, by Qiu Xigui, translated by Gilbert L. Mattos and Jerry Norman


No. 5: The Guodian Laozi: Proceedings of the International Conference, edited by Sarah Allan and Crispin Williams


No. 6: Japanese Scholarship on Early China, 1987-1991, edited by Lothar von Falkenhausen


No. 7: A Source Book of Ancient Chinese Bronze Inscriptions, edited by Constance A. Cook and Paul R. Goldin