The Third Annual Society for the Study of Early China Conference

Time: Thursday, 26 March 2015, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Location: Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers

Room: Parlor C


Cost: Free for members of the SSEC (i.e., those who subscribe to Early China); $30 for others.


Note that although the Society is pleased to hold this meeting in conjunction with the annual conference of the Association of Asian Studies, registration for the AAS event is not required to attend the SSEC Conference. Direct questions to


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The Society for the Study of Early China (

Sarah Allan (Dartmouth College) – Chair, Society for the Study of Early China


Abstracts for the presentations are here.



Each presenter will have total of 30 minute for presenting and taking questions.


Session 1 Andrew Meyer (Brooklyn College)

0900 – 0930  F. Janice Kam 甘鳳  “Who Is My Brother? Disassembling and Reassembling Fraternity in a Post-Zhou World”

0930 – 1000  Piotr Gibas 齊百思 “History as Future – Time, Prediction, and Historical Narrative in the Zuozhuan”

1000 – 1030 Michael Ing 吳榮桂 “Mengzi and the Productive Role of Resentment”


1030 – 1045  Break


Session 2 Donald Harper (University of Chicago)

1045 – 1115 Maxim Korolkov 馬碩 “State on the Move: The Structures of the Physical Mobility of Provincial Officials in the Qin and Former Han Empires”

1115 – 1145  Brian Lander  “Environmental Consequences of the Zheng Guo Canal”

1145 – 1215 Charles Sanft 陳力強 “Public Documents in the Han and Xin Periods”


1215 – 1315  Lunch


Session 3 Pauli Tashima (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

1315 – 1345  Andrew Meyer “The Faces of Cao Mo: ‘Fact’ and Meaning in Early Chinese Historiography”

1345 – 1415  Anne Behnke Kinney 司馬安 “Historical Fiction as an Approach to the Study of Early China”

1415 – 1445 Nicholas M. Williams 魏寧 “Reading the ‘Li sao’ as Composite Text”


1445 – 1500 Break


Session 4 Sarah Allan (Dartmouth College)

1500 – 1530  Luke Habberstad 何錄凱 “Tabling the Bureaucracy: A Rhetorical Reading of the Hanshu ‘Table of Offices and Ministerial Posts’”

1530 – 1600  Erica Brindley 錢德樑 “Yue identity and Armed Resistance to Colonial Han Rule”

1600 – 1630  He Jianjun 何建軍 “Mutilation and Self-Mutilation in Early China”

1630 – 1700  Sarah Allan SSEC Business meeting